4 Reasons Wedding Photography

is the Best Investment you Can Make On Your Wedding Day

1. Memories Fade

The reality of your wedding day is that it’s only one day. this might make you think, “Why Should I spend thousands of dollars on something that’s only one day?” Because, it’s essential to have a photographer there who can capture the memories so you can re-live them. When the day is over, the details will be all but forgotten, but the photos will live on.

Additionally, there is so much more that goes into hiring a professional photographer than the photos you get. As photographers, we also recommend a schedule that aligns with your vision of your day, keep you calm and focused on what matters, and generally just be someone fun to hang out with – we do spend a lot of time together on your wedding day after all.

2. You only do this once

Aside from sporting events, weddings are one of the only events where you don’t get a re-do. There’s no setting up the shot again. That “first kiss” isn’t the first kiss if it’s staged. If these photos are going to live on the walls of your home for years, your best best is to hire a professional. Chances are you’re spending a lot of money on your wedding day – more than you’ll spend on any one single day in your entire life. This warrants hiring a photographer who has been there, who knows the ins & outs of the wedding industry, and can anticipate things before they happen.

3. Pros are pros for a reason

You can hire a friend with a DSLR or someone who has a popular Instagram following to be your wedding photographer, but chances are you’re making a mistake. We’ve seen it happen too many times. A bride or groom thinking they can save money by hiring their cousin or best friend who “takes good pictures”. It could work out, but it probably won’t.

It’s great to look for deals on your wedding day, and do things DIY, but photography is not one of them. There is so much that goes into one single shot, let alone a whole day, you want a pro on your side.

4. It really is an investment

Wedding photography is an investment in your memories, and when you look at it this way, the cost is really secondary. And in case you’re not convinced, let’s take a look at some numbers:

Let’s say you pay $5000 for your wedding and engagement photography – which is a high number. Most people will probably spend more like $2,000-$4000. But, for this, let’s assume $5,000.

If you average that cost out over 50 years, it’s $100/year, or $8.33 per month, or $0.25 per day. And that’s only for one person. If you assume both the bride and groom are contributing to the cost, it’s $0.12 per day per person. Basically, if you ask someone for a quarter every day for the rest of your life, you can pay for your wedding photos. It’s just a matter of priorities. And if photos aren’t a priority for you, that’s totally cool. But, if they are, treat them that way.

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