Documenting Alex & Candice wedding was absolutely wonderful. From the moment I arrived at the brides place, it was going to be a absolutely beautiful day. While the Makeup is being done, I quickly grab the rings and the shoes to of course do those special details. Arriving in the room the dress Ivory beaded absolutely stunning with the Rasberry red Bridesmaids dresses and the Red rose flower girl dress. these colours worked beautifully together. My first point of call was the rings for this shot I used the carefully detailed shoes that were decorated with the finest beadwork next to the dress. I also did a ringshot on the dresses, alongside the embroidery.


After the finer details are done its back downstairs, to get some more shots of makeup and hair being done on the bridesmaids. Funny moment with the bride, patience of a saint slowly finishing off the beading making sure every colour matches for her bridesmaids, multi tasking. Time goes so quickly on anyone special day and as a photographer I was quite panicked however Candice was quite relaxed (as all brides should be) sharing jokes and having laughs with MUA and her bridesmaids. After we are ready to get that beautiful dress on me still snapping away before it was time to head off to the beautiful ceremony venue Mcarthur Wedding gardens & Chapel at Alexandria Hills to a qaint little chapel where Candice will say I Do to the love of her life Alex.


When I arrived at this beautiful spot, Karen and my second shooter Katerina was there to meet me. In my style I quickly introduced myself to Venue owner Karen as well as Couples celebrant Deborah. As with all my weddings my second shooter was on the ball shooting the casual shots of the boys and guests before everyone started to take there places and seats to wait for the bride to arrive. a7

In True Brides Tradition our bride was fashionably late, and when she arrived in the HQ Kingswood and was escorted out of the car by her 2 dads she was breathtaking. No time to waste as a photographer I am a perfectionist every detail. My spelling and grammar suck but my imagery is not. IT’S TIME YAYYYYY ? As the bridal party enters we prepare for the brides entrance and without further ado those doors open. As Candice walked up that aisle I was busy shooting the back whilst my other shooter Katerina was shooting the front The groom the highlight at every wedding. What a beautiful ceremony and before long Alex and candice were husband and wife. Some interesting facts online dating CAN result In TRUE LOVE and this was seen between this couple as they exchanged there vows. Highlight was candice presenting alex with a Replica Ball and Chain that was placed on his ankle by the bridesmaid. (There were quite a few laughs). Always great at a wedding as its about having fun.

After the ceremony the usual group shots were taken every wedding I work around the couple due to time restrictions it was agreed family shots would happen back at reception venue. We had just enough time to do a quick couple shot before heading off to the beautiful ocean background of wellington point. When I arrived at wellington point we were straight into couple and bridal shoot with my awesome assistant katerina. Locations included ocean backdrop and jetty, one of our many challenges is glare but today it was a bit windy.  We used this to our advantage. On our jetty shot Kats creative lightbulb moment happened, and couple thought great idea, so after asking a lovely bystander for a fishing rod, we of course had fun, yes we do some posed but i try to keep it natural ? Candice had Alex Hook line and sinker no running now ?


Of course we had our Formal posed ones too ?






Big thank you to the bride and groom for yesterday and I really hope u enjoyed my first wedding diary entry, this is me my spelling and grammar not the best but this is a journey, i am sharing with u all.


Kat x