Well what can we say……………….

2020 what a absolute write-off you have been, From the devastating Bushfires at the start of the year to the insane Corona virus AKA Covid- 2019 we did not see this coming!!! At the beginning of 2020 their was so much excitement about the new decade 2020 was gonna be a awesome wonderfully year, how wrong were we. From being fully booked with 25 weddings to around six weddings left for this year. I cannot believe how quickly this year derailed and right at the beginning of our peak season in March, April May.  Lots of my  couples from out west right down the east coast through to Adelaide have all been affected. Myself gosh it was mentally challenging like so many others keeping locked up in my house was draining, it was deliberating it was horrible.

However my heart was completely broken for my many couples during this time that had booked me like 2 years in advance, to have the rug pulled out from under them like that was just heartbreaking and cruel, The positive in all of this is 2021 is going to be my busiest year yet. I am grateful that all of my couples chose to postpone and not cancel. 2021 is going to be epic and I cannot wait to capture each and every wedding. Every couple I talked to over the phone showed such strength and resilience  in what was happening especially after their months and years of planning.

So what do we do with the rest of the year I was lucky enough to have two special elopements with the new  strict  five person rules one where I was also a witness, Jack & Courtney afternoon was beautiful, fun and full of love. Two days after the PM’s announcement these guys said their I do’s out at the beautiful Preston Peak Winery in Toowoomba and will be back in January with all their loved ones to renew their vows and of course have a awesome party <3. I also had Uni and Homeschooling to all those teachers out there you are all legends what a experience that one was.

During this time of no shooting, I wanted to give back to my local community somehow, lots of people were already doing driveway shoots and I wanted to do something different hence the pet pawtraits idea was created.  These 15 minute sessions were designed to put a smile on peoples faces, there was no cost and I was able to create some magical moments for them and their pets. Its amazing how animals know how to heal the soul and create so much happiness. I had a lot of people asking why I was not charging for these amongst a pandemic, there were no catches, I don’t care what others thought of the whole freebie thing  I think everyone just needed a little bit of happiness which costs nothing, whilst I am only a small local business I strive to create happiness whether its couples wedding days, family sessions or pet sessions. The feedback from these pet sessions was amazing and the joy it bought many pet owners well no amount of money could buy. I loved to fill in my time for others during this time only a small gesture but means lots to some.

Recently we had our second elopement with Matthew & Evelyn and I was just itching to get out there and capture some very special moments for them. With the five person rule I arrived at the end of the ceremony and we spent the next hour at the Newtown rose gardens capturing this beautiful pairs memories.

Whilst we still are having quiet times until after August we do have a number of awesome specials happening right across all of our packages, I know many couples are struggling both mentally and financially and would love to bring a little bit of cheer at a affordable price.

So make sure you take advantage of our Try before you buy offer as well, $99 gets you a 30 minute session during winter brilliant sunsets, and you can meet me and suss me out we offer flexible payment options including Afterpay.


Finally I cannot wait to go back to shooting our first wedding in August, never will I take gathering with people for granted again I cannot wait to capture all of our upcoming couples in some amazing venues including Preston Manor, Gabbinbar Homestead and Preston Peak winery  as well as Aberfeldy Farm and Highfields cultural centre, as well as a Port Douglas wedding with our amazing couple from Adelaide.

So signing off and cannot wait to see you all and celebrate and capture amazing images for each and every couple, lets bring on 2021, make sure you check out all our beautiful Pet paw-traits on our page www.facebook.com/katcherryphotographer

Kat x


broom waiting under tree Kat Cherry Photography

bride and groom laughing Kat Cherry Photography