Meet the Kat Cherry Team of Secondary Photographers

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s normally that time of the year where venues are booked out for end-of-year work Christmas parties.

No matter what time of year it is, I feel grateful to the people that help me within my business. And since it’s the season to be joyous, I feel it’s time we introduced our incredibly talented team of second photographers, aka my teammates.

These ladies shoot alongside me at the two-person weddings and you may have met some of them already. Like me, they are passionate about your day, and as a team, we bounce off each other to deliver you the best precious images that create your wedding story.

They are an incredible bunch and I am super lucky to have them as part of our team here at Kat Cherry Photography. Each lady has her own business and is subcontracted so you can be assured we have a vast, highly-skilled experienced network.

If I am ever booked out, I highly recommend you check them out.


Sam is one of our Brisbane based photographers who is very much like a mum figure. She is warm-hearted and very well organised (she certainly keeps me in check).

Samantha is a little pocket rocket as both a lead and a second shooter and you most likely will not see her while she is capturing your moments, which makes her fantastic shooter. Sam captures all the little details and great candids as well.

As with everyone else on my team, Sam also runs her own business and sub-contracts for other well-known companies as well. She loves photographing weddings and has been doing them for a long time.

We are very lucky to have Sam shoot for us and when you meet her you will know exactly what I mean.

But I must warn you, her downfall is cake – she lovessss wedding cake!

Facebook: Cleverbean Productions

Website: Cleverbean Productions


 I met Lauren around six years ago when we shot our first wedding together at Boulevard Gardens.

Lauren is another one of our Brisbane based shooters and has extensive photography technical skills as well as a background in Videography.

Lauren is award-winning in her genre and is friendly and warm-hearted.

She loves Camping, travelling and coffee and has been capturing weddings since 2013.

Lauren converted me to the Sony brand cameras LOL! And I have never looked back.

I am very blessed to have met this lovely lady and have her shoot alongside me at various weddings.

Facebook: Everlast Studios

Website: Everlast Studios



Danielle and I met around 18 months ago. Danielle is one of our Toowoomba and Darling Downs second shooters. She is a mum and loves capturing weddings.

Danielle’s extensive portfolio includes weddings, engagements, commercial newborn and family photography. As a local Toowoomba shooter Danielle has extensive knowledge of the local area and has been shooting with me for over a year.

Her likes are capturing raw, real moments between people and always striving to learn more, as well as chocolate and the occasional glass of wine.

Her most disliked moments are when a child pulls that perfect little smile just as she puts the camera down HAHA!

Facebook: Danielle Leigh Photography

Website: Danielle Leigh Photography



Meet our fun-loving, super-fit shooter Claire.

Claire is exceptional in all things photography – coming from Savannah Georgia, USA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from The Savannah College of Art and Design. She took a special interest in retouching at university and has since developed her editing and retouching skills.

She moved to Australia in 2017 and has since become qualified in fitness as a personal trainer as well as working towards a master’s degree in psychology. She lives here with her husband and two dogs.

Claire is always looking to make her clients feel comfortable and to capture the best memories.

Her favourites are fun photoshoot locations, the gym, dogs, cheese, Grey’s Anatomy, and travelling.

And dislikes mosquitos, pants with fake pockets, and the mysterious dryer goblin that always steals her socks.

Facebook: Claire Harris Photography & Retouching


Meet Christal, another of our Brisbane based photographers. Christal has extensive experience in both lead and second shooting and is another one of our nimble pocket rockets who adores what she does.

Christal loves all things wedding and has extensive knowledge in both Off-camera flash, lighting and studio.

She is also award-winning and goes above and beyond for all of our couples on their special day.

Facebook: Twin Lotus Production

Website: Twin Lotus Production



Meet Beth, our little pocket rocket Beth is not scared of getting down or up to get that perfect shot.

Her artistic eye, as well as her eye for detail, is award-winning. She is a ball of energy and we all love having her as part of our team.

Photographing for over 10 years, Beth brings energy and vibrance to all of her captures and works hard to make sure she nails the perfect image.

She is also my rainbow warrior and has a proud heritage as a Wulli Wulli descendant.

Facebook: Tidal Creations

Website: Tidal Creations



Jullene is one of our newer second shooters based in Toowoomba, she has extensive background in both commercial and family photography.

Her other big passion, besides photography, is baking for family and friends and loves those who represent inclusion and kindness to all. She is a big Christmas fan and goes all out to make her house festive for her kids before Christmas.


If you ask her what her dislikes are, she will tell you her mantra is ‘common-sense and consequence’ as it drives her crazy when people do stupid stuff without thinking of the consequences to others. And her second dislike is Mess. Although that would be a hard one to escape with three kids!

Facebook: Studio Jullene

And there you have it …

Our fantastic team of second shooters, all with amazing qualities and creative professionalism. And like I said above, if I’m ever booked out I recommend reaching out to any one of these wonderful photographers.