I haven’t written a blog post in a long time, but I have had a lot weighing on my mind so what better way than to blog it.

Hi Im Kat, Im a mum of 5 I work 2 jobs and I have a absolute passion for wedding photography so if you are new to our page or website welcome <3 Today Im going to write about the value of wedding photographers. Some people might describe me a s a dreamer, wild eccentric doesn’t hold back, desperate amazing the list goes on and on

So to get started we all have value doesn’t matter how we run our businesses, or how long we have been capturing we as photographers  are valuable and should absolutely commend and pat ourselves on the back. We all started somewhere building those portfolios, running ourselves into the ground to get started, doing free shoots giveaways, constantly spamming and Im pretty confident we all as photographers have at times cried yelling whats the use why am I doing this?, Theres not enough work, Am I charging enough, So and so is charging way less, so and so is copying,  Is my work good enough, My work is not getting out there Facebook is restricting everything etc etc  Hands up if this is you because I know Im guilty 🙂 What I have learnt in this journey over the last 5 years of being a wedding photographer is we all have our own way of growing. We have all made mistakes, if you haven’t admitted it you probably should because you have to fail to learn and grow, its like going from a toddler to teenager to adulthood, the happy times, the OMG moments, the I cant do this anymore, the I suck moments, The standing up for myself moments etc etc etc. I have learnt you are not a pizza you cannot please everyone which does disappoint me but hey this number is pretty minimal.

So how do we value ourselves in the wedding industry?? Every couple has different budgets, different styles they like, lets face it there are a lot of awesome photographers out there, so whats the difference ?? I have struggled with value for ages omg its like my worst bloody enemy.  It has taken a lot to realise I am bloody valuable I don’t just click a button at a wedding, I make sure I am in there helping running around getting what is needed making sure calmness is ensured and when its not Im there to calm it down whilst building a story. See I don’t just take my camera  and start just clicking away, Im like a hunter I scope the location the couple, I go into stealth mode to make sure insecure couples don’t even realise I am shooting, I am a leader in my field I direct, Im a bloody weather forecaster watching the light, working with the rain and making predictions at that sky to see what Im working with. I am a in beteen dresser and florist and sewer, tying up those corsets, even getting flowers into the hair again Im still shooting to build those moments. Im a go to person if something needs to be done, Im a friend if someone needs to let loose cry yell scream and I’m a leader working with every other vendor around me to ensure there work is captured and recognised that it all ties in together to make the perfect day for our couples. I stare at people all day long watching body language I watch the faces the tears the joy the laughter  ^^ Now all above is just on the day, I then get home my feet ache, I feel like I have done a 10 hour gym session Im hungover with exhaustion I sit down and I back up and I edit a sneak peek and Again My passion and drive I LOVE IT

I have another job during the week because lets face it in todays economic times its bloody hard to get booked to do weddings full-time but it is doable it just takes time. So my days usually start with getting kids up, screaming at me  I don’t wanna go to school , I literally drag myself to my day job (its a hard one too ) I pick the kids up do homework cook dinner, answer email enquiries, do run sheets do followup meetings and do engagement shoots  and then I sit at my computer and I edit until around midnight. I do this 7 days a week and you know what the most exciting part of my day is coming home to my kids and then  to edit to create to showcase I just love it its what keeps me going because I LOVE IT even when I get home and have emails trying to barter or saying Im not worth that I still love it

So what do you think my value is after reading the above? After 5 years I pride myself on my service quality and my direction, I am always helping other photographers I will always refer others if I am not available, I have a awesome team that shoots with me has my back at every wedding. Me I think Im priceless

I guess the purpose of this blog is to say Hey I don’t just take a picture I build a story full of emotion and sass  it takes weeks to do this. I am so ambitious and just want to create beautiful stories for everyone at all different locations , when you are looking at booking your photographer whether its me or anyone else in the arts field Stop don’t just look at the price yes seeing a $$$$ of thousands can put people off BUT remember apart from the Video once your day is finished guess who is responsible for delivering a story of your day to you its your photographer, Again this is just a blog post you might read it you might not theres no judgement they say though you should allocate at least 10% for your photography on the day, don’t get me wrong Im always the first person to jump in and help couples whop may be struggling but at the same time I have also sadly been at other end of well there just there photographer theres so many around they are not that valuable.

So if you are still on the hunt for a awesome value for every buck you can spend Photographer contact me, we can have coffee a chat I can show you endless gallerys of work I can even show you when I first started to now 🙂 I will always give you a good deal for new locations as well <3

PS If there are spelling mistakes this does not mean I do not pay attention to detail Im a artist not a grammar Nazi and yes my spelling does suck 🙂

Until next time

Kat x